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M Patisserie 1st Cake Gallery 《I am Hong Konger》
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創作意念:無論是發展中的城市抑或已發展的國家,不約而同地都在… … 「摘去鮮花,然後種出大廈」,人類在發展、創建的同時,海洋、土地被受污染,無數物種亦因而犧牲。「叢林不割下,如何建造繁華?」,這是「城市化」的深意?發展與保育,難道真的難以並存?軀殼不斷創新進步,靈魂卻縷空了。


  • Two tiers cake, szie 7' + 5'
  • Buyer Info

    • 'Happy Birthday' cake stand and candle are included
    • 3 days order in advance (First come first serve)
  • Delivery Info

    • Self pick up at our cake store in Happy Valley

    • Free delivery to HK Island and Kowloon; NT with $300 extra cost

  • Flavor Selection

    • Choclate cake with creamcheese filling
    • Choclate cake with oreo creamcheese filling 
    • Vanila cake with creamcheese filling
    • Vanila cake with peach jam filling
    • Vanila cake with blue berry filling 
    • Vanila cake with almond and creamcheese filling 
    • Red Velvet cake with creamcheese filling